You may be asking yourself one big question right now: “Who do these people think they are to be telling us how something should be translated?!” We get it. We might be asking ourselves the same thing. And the truth is, it’s a valid question. While there are of course translations which have been established within the industry as either correct or incorrect, at the end of the day, our language is constantly evolving. What may be considered incorrect or taboo today could easily become an industry standard tomorrow. All we can do is do our part to open up more lines of communication within the industry necessary for all of us to contribute to that evolution. Language is our passion, and if you’ve read this far we’re guessing it’s yours. Hopefully, the diversity of our backgrounds and the industry experience we each bring to the table can help you in some way, and hopefully your contributions to our conversations will do the same for us.


ProfilePics_Cabrera_White_RIGHTAlex ‘El profe’ Cabrera

Cuban-born Alex holds a BA in Translation and a BA in English from the Higher Institute of Foreign Languages at Havana University, and has pursued a master’s degree in applied linguistics in Massachusetts while employed as the Translation Manager at Nova Marketing. After 29 years of experience as a professional translator and language instructor, he’s still more passionate about language and music than pretty much anything else… except, perhaps, for red wine, Manchego cheese and Serrano ham. We’re not quite sure how long ago we began referring to him as ‘El profe’, but give him a few minutes to educate you on the history and origins of a specific translation and we’re sure you’ll agree the moniker fits.


ProfilePics_Miguel_White_RIGHTMiguel Chavarría

Miguel holds a BA in Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation and a BA in English from the University of Costa Rica, and certifications as a translator from the International Institute of Connecticut and as a Medical Interpreter in Massachusetts. Miguel is a native Spanish speaker and has 11 years of translation and interpretation experience both in Costa Rica and in the United States. He is currently employed as the Assistant Translation Manager at Nova Marketing. Miguel loves listening to classical music, playing the piano and playing/restoring video games in his spare time (and he doesn’t mind being called a geek because, let’s be honest, he’s totally a geek.)


ProfilePics_MeV_White_RIGHTMaría Elena Vásquez

In addition to studying Communications in Business at Harvard University, María Elena holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and certifications as a Spanish/English Translator from the University of Massachusetts and as a Legal, Medical and Community interpreter from Boston University. She’s a Colombian, native Spanish speaker and has over 11 years of experience working in business, multicultural marketing, translation and interpretation. Currently employed as a Business Partnerships and Spanish Language Specialist at Nova Marketing, she’s passionate about languages, and always interested in continuous learning and professional excellence in everything she does.


ProfilePics_Kevin_White_RIGHTKevin ‘El jefe’ Villanova

Despite managing major translation and multicultural accounts for the past 17 years, this guy doesn’t speak any Spanish at all. In fact, he mumbles and speaks so quickly it’d be a stretch to say he even speaks English some days. If there are any complaints or issues with our site though, he’s your man. Beyond that, we might just let him have a cameo here and there. If he plays his cards right.