Have you ever read someone else’s translation and thought to yourself “Why in the world would they say this like that?!” Sometimes it seems like there are a million different ways to say the same thing, and if you’re as obsessive about your work as we are, you’ve probably been in some pretty intense discussions asking just that question. WE do, anyway. We have EXACTLY those discussions here, almost EVERY day. And sometimes these discussions escalate in volume until our coworkers shut their doors to block us out (although why anyone wouldn’t want to hear about the historical relevance and proper usage of accent marks is beyond us.) Other times… Well, other times, our boss walks into the middle of a conversation and suggests that MAYBE it would be a good (and more peaceful) idea for us to go write about it instead. So here we are, writing about it. But the joke’s on him: We’re still going to have those passionate discussions. And now through the magic of this beautiful, multicultural medium known as the world wide web, we can make them louder than ever. So please, join in. Comment on our blogs. Let us know what you think about these topics, and be a part of our conversation.